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Payroll Supervisor

Company: Government Finance Officers of Connecticut
Location: Milford
Posted on: March 14, 2023

Job Description:

POSTING DATE: February 11, 2022 CLOSING DATE: March 4, 2022 NOTICETOALLAPPLICANTS: Thisopeningisavailable toall Cityemployeesandthegeneral public. SALARYRANGE : Workweekis37.5hourswithhourlysalarylimitsasfollows: Minimum ................ $1,293.07 Step 1 .......................... 1,356.68 Step 2 .......................... 1,420.08 Step 3 .......................... 1,483.89 Step 4 .......................... 1,547.16 Maximum .................. 1,643.23 Note: GoverningCollectiveBargainAgreementexpiredonJune30,2019.Wagessubjecttoanynewly-negotiatedGWIincreases. GENEROUSBENEFITS : TheCityoffersthefollowingbenefits: o Medical & Dental insurance effective 1 st dayofhire o 457SavingPlan o FreeLifeInsurance o Additional Compensation after 7.5 hoursofworkperday o Paid Time Off - Separate Vacation Pay,Sick Pay, PersonalBusinessPay, BereavementPay o PaidHolidays-13daysper year o EmployeeAssistanceProgram o FreeAccesstoEmployeeFitnessCenter S U MM A R Y O F P O S I T I O N : U n d e r t h e g e n e r a l d i r e c ti o n o f t h e T r e as u r er / P a y r o l l A d m i n i s tr a t o r i s responsibleforthepreparationandmaintenanceofgeneralgovernmentpayroll(s)processing;ensuresthat Federal, State and Local laws relating to payroll management arecomplied with. This positionsupervisesPayrollstaff;assignsandevaluateswork;andprovidestraining&guidance. ` MINIMUMQUALIFICATIONS: Graduation from anaccredited college or university with a Bachelor'sDegreeinAccountingorcloselyrelatedfieldandthree(3)yearsofprogressivelyresponsibleexperiencein payroll processing OR graduation from an accredited high school and seven(7) years ofexperience in payrollprocessing, of which two (2) shall have been in a supervisory capacity OR anyequivalentcombinationofeducation,trainingandexperienceasdescribedabove. SCOPEOFEXAMINATION: Applicants,whomeettherequirementsasstatedabovewillbeinvited toparticipateinaperformanceexamination,weighted25%tomeasureproficiencylevelonExcel. Those whoreceivea scoreof70%orbetter ontheperformanceexamwillthenbescoredontheanswersprovidedonApplicationSupplement#22-28andresumeweighted25%.Thosewhoreceiveascoreof70%orbetterontheApplicationSupplement#22-28andresumewillalsobeinvitedtoparticipateinan oralexamthatwillbeweightedat50%.Candidatesmustachieveatotaloverallscoreof70%orbettertobeconsidered. FILING REQUIREMENTS: Applicants are required to submit a fullycompleted EmploymentApplication,ApplicationSupplement#22-28andresumeonorbeforeMarch4,2022,totheHumanResourcesDepartment,ParsonsGovernmentComplex,70W.RiverSt.,Milford,CTor For forms and detailed application instructions, go to www. c i . m il f o r d . c t . u s / hr / p a g e s / j o b s th e n s e l e c t Pa y r o ll S u p e rvi s o r . CITY OF MILFORD - A EQUAL OPPORTUNITY/AFFIRMATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER The City of Milford is an equalopportunity/affirmative action employer and strongly encourages the applications of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities. PAYROLLSUPERVISOR GENERALSUMMARYOFDUTIES Under the general direction ofthe Treasurer/Payroll Administrator is responsible for the preparation andmaintenance of general governmentpayroll(s) processing; ensures that Federal, State and Local laws relating topayroll management are complied with.This position supervises Payroll staff; assigns and evaluates work; andprovidestraining&guidance. ESSENTIALFUNCTIONS (The essential functions or duties listed below are intendedonly as illustrations of the various types of work that may beperformed. The omission of specificstatements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work issimilar,related oralogicalassignment tothe Position.) - Oversees and assists in the daily operations andactivities of payroll processing in accordance with Federal,State and Local laws and in compliancewith all union contracts.Ensures theaccuracy of the payroll withrespectto gross pay, deductions and labor distributions.Verifies the proper authorization, processing andpostingforallpayrolltransactions. - Serves as Timekeeping System Manager, thisincludes the design, installation and on-going maintenance ofTime & Attendance system, as well assystem administration, system security, system programming,continuousdevelopmentandimplementationofstronginternal controls,newreportdesignanddevelopmentandwrittenpolicies andproceduresrelated tothe automatedtimekeepingsystem. - Responsible for the preparation and submissionof all appropriate reports to the IRS, Social SecurityAdministration, Risk Management and Department of Labor.Verifies the timely filing of taxes withtheappropriateagencies andthe reconciliationofallapplicabletax formsand reports. - Reviewsallpayrollchangesandimplementschangessuchastaxwithholdings,premiumcost share,uniondeductions,garnishment, etc. - Assistswiththecompilation,verification,printingandissuanceof FormsW-2, 1094-C,1095-Cand1099-R. - DirectsPayrollteamduringoperational systemconversionsand/or upgrades. - Supervises,coordinatesandreviewstheworkofclericalsubordinatesintheperformanceof payroll duties. - Preparesfinancialdatatosupport additionalappropriationsforincreasesduetolabor contractsettlements. - Responds to authorized requests for specialreports or for individual information, including but not limited toarbitration cases, subpoena requests,wage statements, wage verification, wage garnishments, pensioncontribution confirmation and variousmanagement and budgeting reports.Respondsto auditor requests forinformationin atimelymanner. - Maintains computerized payroll system masterfiles.Directs the retention andverification of appropriateemployeepayrollrecordsandmasterfiles.Ensuresconfidential informationandfilesarekeptsecure. - Recommends payroll policies and procedures tosuperior and after approval, implements policies andprocedures.Consultswithdepartmentheadsconcerningpayroll policies,practicesandprocedures. PAYROLLSUPERVISOR Page2 - Works closely with the Risk Manager in theadministration and processing of Worker's Compensationpaymentprocessing. - Performsrelatedworkinpayrollmanagement,budgetpreparationandsupervisorytasks. - Performsrelatedworkasrequired. REQUIREDKNOWLEDGES,SKILLSANDABILITIES - Thoroughknowledgeof payroll policies,practicesandprocedures. - Thorough knowledge of management informationsystems, human resources information systems (HRIS),payroll processing systems, time and attendance systems, MSOffice and accounting principles. Knowledge oftheMUNISsystemis preferred. - Expert knowledge of the laws, rules,regulations, procedures and controls governing payroll administration,disbursement and tax reporting andmandatory and voluntary deduction administration.Understanding ofpayrolland time & attendance policies, practices and procedures to includeinterpreting union contracts andlaboragreements. - Thorough knowledge of statutory requirementsconcerning payroll disbursement, tax reporting and mandatoryandvoluntarypayrolldeduction administration. - Goodknowledgeofaccountingprinciples. - Abilitytopreparecomplexandaccuratewritten,payroll reportsandfinancialstatements. - Abilitytosupervise,planandcoordinatetheworkof subordinates; abilitytotrainsubordinates. - Ability to deal effectively with banks, superiors,subordinates and staff in other departments.Ability toestablishprofessional, courteous and harmonious working relationships with employees,supervisors,department heads,consultants, andmembers ofthe general public. - Ability to demonstrate the following: excellentinterpersonal skills; team building skills; decision makingskills; effective verbal and listeningcommunication skills; attention to detail and high level of accuracy; andeffectiveorganizationalskills. - Abilitytodealsensitivelywith confidentialmaterials. MINIMUMEDUCATION&EXPERINECEREQUIRED Graduation from an accreditedcollege or university with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting or closely relatedfield and three (3) years of progressivelyresponsible experience in payroll processing OR graduation from anaccredited high school and seven (7) yearsof experience in payroll processing, of which two (2) shall have beenin a supervisory capacity OR any equivalentcombination of education, training and experience as describedabove. PAYROLLSUPERVISOR Page3 JOBENVIRONMENT This job operates in aprofessional office environment. Routinely uses standard office equipment suchascomputer, phones, photocopiers,scanners, filing cabinets and fax machines.Makesfrequent contact with theother Citydepartments/boards/committees, city employees, regional and state governmentalagencies, vendors,and contractors.Contacts are in person, in writing, and by telephone and require discussingmanagerial,administrative,andtechnicalmatters. PHYSICALREQUIREMENTS Thephysical demandsdescribedhereinarerepresentative of thosethatmustbemet byan employee to successfully performthe essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made toenable individuals with disabilities toperform the essential functions. Hand-eye coordination is necessary tooperate computers and various types oftools and equipment.Specific visionabilities required by this job includeclosevision, prolonged visual concentration and the ability to adjust focus.While performing the duties of thisjob, the employee is frequently requiredto sit, stand, walk, talk, and hear; use of hands and fingers to handle, feel,or operateobjects,toolsorcontrolsandreachwithandarms.Occasionallyrequiredto bend,crouch or kneel. Occasionallymustliftand/ormove upto 25pounds.

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